A Strong Credit History (And Four More Tips to Make You An Attractive Tenant)

So you’ve found the perfect place to rent and want to move in as quickly as possible.

But there’s a problem. The landlord has a lot of other offers, which means you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

You need to become the most attractive tenant available. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can do this.

Method #1 – Have a Strong Credit History

Whether you’re buying or renting, your credit history can work for you or count against you. It’s essentially a record of your reliability. Landlords want to see that you’re able to may your rent payments on time, every time. They don’t want to have to waste time and money on chasing you every month.

You can strengthen your credit history by ensuring that you don’t make late payments on credit cards and personal loans. The less debt you have, the better you look. Moreover, make sure you apply for properties that fall within your achievable price range. If a credit check shows that you already struggle with money, a landlord isn’t going to want to pick you as a tenant.

Method #2 – Offer References

What others have to say about you can go a long way towards swaying a landlord’s opinion. If you’ve rented before, try to get as glowing a reference as possible from your previous landlord. Make sure this reference focuses on your payment history, as well as the good condition that you left the property in when you departed.

This gets more difficult if you haven’t rented before. In this case, your references need to be detached enough from you to not be biased, while also close enough to comment on your reliability. A boss is usually a good bet here, as they can talk about your performance at work without coming off as a friend saying whatever it takes to get you into the property.

Method #3 – Be Punctual

It’s such a simple tip, but it’s one that many overlook.

Being punctual reflects well on you as a person and gives you a professional air that extends over into your personal dealings.

Try to arrive early to viewings and other meetings. This demonstrates your interest in the property and shows your potential landlord that you care about securing it.

Method #4 – Don’t Haggle Too Much

Trying to drive the price down when a landlord has other potential renters knocking at the door will usually end in a refusal.

If you really want the property, you’re going to have to be prepared to meet the asking price. You might be able to haggle a little bit on the security deposit, but don’t try to drive the rent down when you know others are willing to pay it.

Method #5 – Dealing With the Pet Problem

Most landlords are wary of pets because they can cause damage to properties. Trying to hide your pet to get around this is a breach of contract that most landlords take very seriously.

If you have a pet, be upfront about it. If you meet resistance, suggest a pet interview that allows the landlord to see how well-behaved your animal is. Any certifications you have from training schools can help here, as can your pet’s veterinary records.

Unfortunately, some landlords simply don’t accept pets into their properties. When that happens, you’re better served looking elsewhere.

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