The Benefits of Using A Lettings Agency

Visitors to the Hills Estate website may find themselves curious as to why they may want to use the services of a lettings agency in the first place. It is a relevant question, as many landlords prefer to try to do things on their own. However, there are a number of benefits to using a lettings agency that you may not have considered, including the following.

Faster Occupancy

Good lettings agencies are able to appeal to larger segments of a landlord’s target market as they have access to numerous marketing channels. In practice, this means that more people will see that your property is available to let, which increases the amount of viewings you will hold. Naturally, this usually translates into filling vacant properties quickly, allowing you to enjoy more income from them.

Finding The Right Tenants

Selecting the right tenants is often a chore, with many landlords being uncertain of how to vet those who are interested in the property before signing any agreements. A lettings agency will be able to look into the backgrounds of prospective tenants for you and find out if any previous landlords have had issues with them. Not only does this save you time, but it can also help you avoid letting your property to people who may cause issues further down the line.

Property Management

The majority of lettings agencies also offer property management services and will act as the point of contact for your tenants. This frees up the landlord’s time to take care of the issues raised, plus you will be informed of any maintenance problems quickly. These day-to-day property management is something that often takes up a lot of time that could be dedicated to other things, making this service particularly invaluable, especially for landlords who let a number of properties.

Dealing With Late Payments

Late payments are an issue that all landlords worry about, as chasing them can often be a time-consuming process that distracts away from work that needs to be done. Lettings agencies will contain experienced individuals who are able to deal with issues related to late payment for you, plus you will often find that they have connections to experienced property solicitors who can provide advice should you need to escalate the issue.


If you are new to the property market it is natural to feel wary about the sheer volume of paperwork that you will be asked to complete. This can lead to things being missed, which could cause issues in a number of ways. Lettings agencies understand the complexities involved in letting out property, which means they can get all of this paperwork completed for you efficiently, offering you peace of mind in the process.

A Flexible Service

Hills Estate is a lettings agency that aims to provide clients with everything they need. This flexibility allows for properties to be managed in the way that clients intended, with the solutions provided being tailored to the specific requirements of the landlords they work with. To find out more, please call 020 8553 3036.